Online Entrepreneurship Sources

    While reading the article about an experimental entrepreneurship class at the BSEL my interest in the program was inflamed. I also recall Prof. Zaby (a successful entrepreneur) strongly recommending it. However, I am currently finishing another bachelor, which makes me a bit skeptical towards applying. Though I envy all those, who are actually doing it at the moment, I feel pretty happy with the free information available on this topic. Here I would like to share some sources I scan through, when feeling the thirst for knowledge about entrepreneurship. (mehr …)

Finance Thesis and Second Life

  Choosing a  bachelor thesis is probably one of the biggest challenges for every student. Some professionals I’ve talked with tend to be very critical, stressing the importance of the topic, as a clear sign for the carrier orientation of the student. Other emphasize the high possibility to work on something completely different, once graduated, thus basically implying the topic itself is not really that important. In this article I am going to express some thoughts I’ve been juggling with lately and present research results, concentrated on the interface between finance and Second Life (SL). (mehr …)

Working for the eLearning Team from St. Petersburg, Russia

INTRODUCTION This short article will be an attempt to describe the challenges I experienced so far, working for the eLearning Team of the Berlin School of Economics and Law from Sankt Petersburg, Russia. In this context, three main aspects will be closely examined: infrastructural obstacles, “the distance factor” – increased complexity and remoteness from the team, as well as the need of coping with working in a new life dynamics. (mehr …)


“Think outside the classroom” – is the slogan of a service lunched by Apple in May 2007 – iTunesU. It provides free education materials from top universities from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland to everyone, thus finally creating a platform for universal and easily accessible eLearning. (mehr …)

The Guiding Eye

The World Wide Web hardly bears any boundaries; instead it offers almost unlimited possibilities. The options to present and transfer texts, pictures, videos, audio files and forms are visual means to simplify everyday handling of this medium. This support is meant to be accessible for all users and should make life easier when dealing with information technology. But what if a not so small minority is excluded from this privilege because theses innovations carry unbearable boundaries for them? (mehr …)

Immersive Education Initiative London Summit 2009 – Questions and Reflections

Do you know the feeling when your head is buzzing with ideas? It is hard to concentrate on one, for there is constantly another one jumping into your mind and you feel unable to keep the pace of thoughts. That kind of feeling I got at the Immersive Education Initiative London Summit 2009. The Information was overwhelming and the presentations so interesting that the associations triggered, constantly navigated my attention into developing my own ideas. In addition to the information synthesising the Summit – some presentation notes, the abstract of the program and Bernar Horan’s blog article about “Using Project...