About ISM

General Information

The consecutive English-language degree programme International Security Management (ISM) provides an interdisciplinary course at the interface of security-related disciplines drawn from the Legal Sciences, Information Technology, Economics and the Social Sciences.

It combines aspects of Security Studies with practical applications such as Risk, Crisis and Catastrophe Management; the protection of critical infrastructures; and Quality Assurance in the Security sector, all in terms of professionalism, Human Rights and Accountability etc.

Study profile

Security is an important issue for business, public administration and NGOs. The tasks relating to it span increasingly international dimensions. The M.A. International Security Management aims at preparing students for positions in this field by providing them with broad interdisciplinary knowledge and practically oriented skills.

This degree programme was developed in cooperation with industrial and company security experts as well as police and policy specialists. The programme has, additionally, close contacts to professional associations and interest groups in the field.



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