Applicants with a Non-German Bachelor Degree

We are glad you have decided to apply for the master program offered by the Department of Police and Security Management.


  • uni-assist e. V.
    Students with a Non-German Bachelor degree apply at uni-assist e. V. (Applying). It is a certification office founded to support German universities by converting foreign grades and degrees into their German equivalents. Once your application passes the uni-assist system check, it will be transferred to our university for further processing.

Please note that uni-assist charges a processing fee according to the number of universities you want to apply to.

Please register online first and send your completed documents to the following address:

uni-assist e. V.

c/o HWR Berlin (Master programmes)

D-11507 Berlin



To complete your application, please include:

  1. University degree
  2. Proof of English proficiency (at least B2 level). If you can prove that you have already studied at least one year in English you will not need to submit an English test. Also not needed in case you have a GMAT
  3. Motivation letter (in English, not more than one page)
  4. Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  5. university entrance qualification / school-leaving certificate e.g. high school diploma, matura, international baccalaureate (simple copy, only for statistical reasons)

Please note:

  • A formally certified and stamped photocopy of all diplomas, degrees or certificates must be attached to your application. Please do not send any original documents!

Accepted authentication bodies are

    • German Embassy or Consulate
    • Notary from Germany or an EU country
    • Public authorities and institutions in Germany
    • Authorities from an EU country
    • The institution that issued your original certificate (the stamp on the certificate and on the authentication must be identical!)
    • Apostille
  • Certificates not issued in German or English must be translated into German or English. Translations must be formally certified and submitted in the original.
    Additionally we need a certified copy of your original Diploma/Bachelor.
  • The (e-mail) address you have provided us with is the address we use in order to contact you. Please make sure you notify us of a change of address as soon as possible. A missed deadline that might emanate from a failure to do so is your responsibility.
  • HWR Berlin only processes applications that have been completed accurately and signed. The application can only be considered if Uni Assist receives all documents before the closing date and certified copies of all those certificates that are required are attached. We recommend to apply early, at least six weeks before the deadline expires. Applications that are sent by e-mail or fax will not be processed.
  • Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian Applicants need to submit an APS certificate (available at the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) in the German Embassy in Beijing, Hanoi, Ulan Bator)
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