Objectives & Activities


  • Establishment and expansion of sustainable COILs at the Berlin universities
  • Standardization of formats and use of shared resources (such as COIL training for students and instructors)
  • Improvement of non-mobile students‘ participation in obtaining international and intercultural competencies
  • Advancement of digital and methodological skills for instructors in online teaching within an international context
  • Creation of shared guidelines and quality standards for integrating COILs into international teaching and learning experiences
  • Utilization of synergies and multiplication of expertise within and beyond the network
  • Sustainable establishment of the concept of „Internationalization at Home“ for all Berlin universities.


  • Definition and formulation of further education needs in COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) didactics and implementation.
  • Finding solutions for administrative obstacles (e.g. credit transfer, recognition of achievements, etc.).
  • Participation in training and further education measures for COIL didactics
  • Implementation of sustainable COILs in collaboration with international partners.
  • Regular exchange of experiences between the associated universities.
  • Inter-cultural support and preparation courses for students before and during COIL activities to ensure international learning.
  • Presentation of results at national and international network meetings and conferences.
  • Utilization of a shared online presence (e.g. website, social media).
  • Development of best practice formats.

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