Open Invited Tracks and Invited Sessions / 100 Tracks and Sessions !

Open Invited Tracks

Supply Chain Risk Management (Code 7w51d): download CfP, proposed by Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Dmitry Ivanov (DE), Srinivas (Sri) Talluri (USA), Christopher Tang (USA)

Planning and Scheduling of Manufacturing Processes (Code 6j2r5): download CfP, proposed by Frank Werner (DE), Olga Battaia (FR), Alexander Lazarev (RU)

Modeling and Data Analytics in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations (Code wfhgp): download CfP, proposed by Weiwei Chen (USA), Siyang Gao (Hong Kong), Andrea Matta (IT), Michael Pinedo (USA), Barış Tan (TR), Lixin Tang (CN)

Supply Network Dynamics and Control (Code n9u32): download CfP, proposed by Dmitry Ivanov (DE), Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Suresh Sethi (USA), and Stephen Disney (UK)

Intelligent Methods and Systems Supporting Supply Chain Decision Making (Code 43v1q): download CfP, proposed by Enzo Morosini Frazzon (BRA), Michael Freitag (DE), Carlos Eduardo Pereira (BRA), Shimon Y. Nof (USA)

System Identification for Manufacturing Control Applications (Code cvh17): download CfP, proposed by Vladimir Lototsky (RU), Natalia Bakhtadze (RU), Kirill Chernyshov (RU), Elena Jharko (RU)

Human Factors in Production and Logistics Systems of the Future (Code qtmh8): download CfP, proposed by Fabio Sgarbossa (IT), Daria Battini (IT), Christoph Glock (DE), Eric Grosse (DE), W. Patrick Neumann (CAN)

Supply Chain Structural Complexity (Code u7xf8): download CfP, proposed by Mozart Menezes (FR), Diego Ruiz-Hernandez (FR)

Predictive analytics & Decision making in Supply Chains (Code s4xhk): download CfP, proposed by Elyn Solano Charris (COL), Jairo R. Montoya-Torres (COL), Carlos Leonardo Quintero-Araujo (COL), Christopher Mejia-Argueta (USA), Thierry Coudert (FR), Lionel Amodeo (FR)

Cybersecurity of Control and Safety Systems (Code x8ytu): download CfP, proposed by Vitaly Promyslov (RU), Alexey Poletikin (RU), Elena Jharko (RU)

Industrial robotics: modeling, control and applications (Code 117f4): download CfP, proposed by Alexandr Klimchik (RU), Anatol Pashkevich (FR), Sergey Kolyubin (RU)

New modes for manufacturing and logistics in Industry 4.0 for hedging uncertainties (Code s37e4): download CfP, proposed by Ming Liu (CN), Feifeng Zheng (CN), Ying Li (CN), Xiaoyi Man (CN), Junkai He (CN)

Design and Management of Humanitarian Supply Chains (Code 4bwxr): download CfP, proposed by Angappa Gunasekaran (USA), Rameshwar Dubey (FR), David Roubaud (FR), Samuel Fosso Wamba (FR), Thanos Papadopoulos (UK), Benjamin T. Hazen (USA), Cyril Foropon (FR), Mihalis Giannakis (FR), Shivam Gupta (FR)

Simulation, optimization, sensor-based state analysis and predictions to support operational decisions in manufacturing and logistics (Code h6wx8): download CfP, proposed by Tobias Reggelin (DE), Hagen Borstell (DE), Sebastian Zug (DE), Stephan Schmidt (DE), Stefan Galka (DE), Juri Tolujew (LT)

Special Sessions

SME Digitalization in the era of Industry 4.0 (Code 18pvp): download CfP, proposed by Agostino Villa (IT), Teresa Taurino (IT)

Teaching Optimization and Simulation in Supply Chain and Operations Courses with the use of anyLogistix™ software (Code 8sk4v): download CfP, proposed by Dmitry Ivanov (DE)

SupplyOn workshop: „Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management: Practical Insights in Aerospace Supplier Collaboration“ (download)

anyLogistix workshop: „anyLogistix Supply Chain Simulation and Optimization for Industry 4.0 and the Digital Transformation“ (download)

AnyLogic workshop: „The AnyLogic Material Handling Library for New Disruptive Technologies of Industry 4.0“ (download)

Meet the Editors – A Special Session with participation of several Editors-in-Chief of the leading international journals in manufacturing, industrial engineering, Operations Research and supply chain management.

Doctoral Student Workshop – Papers nominated to the IFAC Young Author Award will be composed in a Doctoral Student Workshop

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Invited Sessions

Digital and Data Driven Sustainable Supply Chains (Code 64m2p): download CfP, proposed by Joseph Sarkis (USA), Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Hamid Allaoui  (FR)

The Ripple Effect in Supply Chains (Code 64m2p): download CfP, proposed by Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Dmitry Ivanov (DE), Boris Sokolov (RU)

Operations Management and Risk Analysis (Code 2dkv8): download CfP, proposed by Desheng Dash Wu (SE) and Shulin Lan (CN)

Modeling and Optimization Methods for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing Systems (Code 6kjc7): download CfP, proposed by Yassine OUAZENE (FR), Alice Yalaoui (FR), Fabio Fruggiero (IT)

Sustainable Operations & Supply Chain Management (Code frc16): download CfP, proposed by Marcus Brandenburg (DE), Christoph Jansen (DE), Nelly Oelze (DE)

Digital Technology, Supply Chain Risks and Uncertainty (Code 723×7): download CfP, proposed by Aseem Kinra (DK), Dmitry Ivanov (DE), Ajay Das (USA)

Operations research techniques for complex systems scheduling (Code eb6jm): download CfP, proposed by Yassine OUAZENE (FR), Farouk Yalaoui (FR)

Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Design and Operation (Code 5827b): download CfP, proposed by Arkadiusz Gola (PL) and Grzegorz Bocewicz (PL)

Fractional order systems and controllers for industrial processes: Advances and prospects (Code j3u79): download CfP, proposed by Samir Ladaci (DZA), Horst Schulte (DE)

Optimization and Sustainability: Theory and Practice (Code i8att): download CfP, proposed by Nand Jha (USA)

Robot applications in industries and services (Code d87i3): download CfP, proposed by Chu A My (VNM)

New Perspectives in Supply Chain and Operations Simulation (Code 649gd): download CfP, proposed by Enzo Morosini Frazzon (BR), Dmitry Ivanov (DE)

Lean Production in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution – challenges, implications and opportunities (Code 1ya31): download CfP, proposed by Enzo Morosini Frazzon (BR), Guilherme Tortorella (BR), Rapinder Sawhney (USA), Paolo Gaiardelli (IT)

Emerging Technologies and Intelligent Maintenance Management (Code int39): download CfP, proposed by Oleg Gusikhin (USA), Farouk Yalaoui (FR), Dmitry Ivanov (DE)

Advanced evolutionary approaches for effective manufacturing and logistics management (Code b81q7): download CfP, proposed by Lyes Benyoucef (FR), Hichem Haddou Benderbal (FR), Manoj K Tiwari (IN)

Big Data Analytics in Smart Manufacturing Systems (Code sgmwi): download CfP, proposed by Jie Zhang (CN), Wenjun Zhang (CAN), Junliang Wang (CN)

Scheduling in Industry 4.0 and cloud manufacturing (Code q23n4): download CfP, proposed by Dmitry Ivanov (DE), Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Boris Sokolov (RUS)

Nonstationarity in Inventory Control (Code 5v252): download CfP, proposed by Roberto Rossi (UK), Armagan Tarim (IRE), Steve Prestwich (IRE)

Recent advances in integrated maintenance modeling and optimization for manufacturing systems (Code 95v32): download CfP, proposed by Abdelhakim Khatab (FR), El-Houssaine Aghezzaf (BEL), Claver Diallo (CAN), Uday Venkatadri (CAN)

Modeling and Data Analytics for Zero Defect Manufacturing (Code x3473): download CfP, proposed by Marcello Colledani (IT), Maria Chiara Magnanini (IT), Davide Caputo (IT), Florian Eger (DE), Mariluz Penalva (IT)

Bio-inspired techniques in future manufacturing enterprise control (Code s712q): download CfP, proposed by Ioan Dumitrache (RO), Simona Iuliana Caramihai (RO)

Energy-Efficient Modeling and Optimization for Production Scheduling (Code 5j2j9): download CfP, proposed by Mehmet Fatih Tasgetiren (TR), Liang Gao (CN), Pan Quan Ke (CN)

Logistics 4.0: solutions, challenges, benefits, threats (Code 792hk): download CfP, proposed by Agnieszka Stachowiak (PL), Joanna Oleśków Szłapka (PL), Michal Adamczak (PL)

Ability Centred Systems Engineering (Code ae281): download CfP, proposed by Jan R. Seyler (DE), Peter Post (DE)

Extremal Routing Problems: Models, Algorithms, Bounds, and Industrial Applications (Code 42cue): download CfP, proposed by Michael Khachay (RU), Alexander Petunin (RU), Chrysostomos Stylios (GR)

Knowledge Modelling for Digital Transformation and Digitalization of Companies (Code 31x5v): download CfP, proposed by Kurt Sandkuhl (DE), Alexander Smirnov (RU)

End-of-life management: models, techniques and applications (Code 8u14i): download CfP, proposed by Mohammed Danane (FR), M’hammed Sahnoun (FR), Purushottam Meena (USA), Mehdi Souier (DZ), Taebok Kim (KR)

Physical Internet and interconnected logistics services (Code 6sxg1): download CfP, proposed by Shenle Pan (FR), Eric Ballot (FR), Benoit Montreuil (USA), Damien Trentesaux (FR)

Structural Dynamics in Sustainable Supply Chains (Code 99ja3): download CfP, proposed by Jose Antonio Marmolejo (MX), Roman Rodriguez (MX)

Operations in Industry 4.0—Cooperation and Learning of Machines and Beyond (Code c3w35): download CfP, proposed by Frederik Schulte (NL), Rudy Negenborn (NL)

Materials management- from a linear to a circular business models (Code 2271i): download CfP, proposed by Paulina Golinska-Dawson (PL), Pawel Pawlewski (PL)

Product design based on smart, sensing and sustainable features (Code 6bw3b): download CfP, proposed by Pedro Ponce (MX), Arturo Molina (MX), Kennet Polansko (USA)

Modeling and algorithms for new production modes combining service and manufacturing under uncertain environments (Code 5ivsp): download CfP, proposed by Ming Liu (CN), Feifeng Zheng (CN), Junkai He (CN)

Modelling Assembly Design and Operations: Towards “Assembly System 4.0” (Code 5rn23): download CfP, proposed by Yuval Cohen (ISR), Maurizio Faccio (IT), Veronique Limère (BEL), Francesco Pilati (IT), Emilio Ferrari (IT)

Smart scheduling for new logistics modes under uncertain environments (Code 38hk5): download CfP, proposed by Xiaoyi Man (CN), Feifeng Zheng (CN), Ming Liu (CN)

Planning and scheduling of transportation and logistics under uncertainty environments (Code gd316): download CfP, proposed by Ying Li (CN), Ming Liu (CN), Feifeng Zheng (CN)

Industrial Symbioses: Design, Management, Control (Code f4e51): download CfP, proposed by Daniel Roy (FR), Sophie Hennequin (FR)

Blockchain in the Operations and Supply Chain Management (Code 4111c): download CfP, proposed by Maciel Queiroz (BR), Samuel Fosso Wamba (FR)

Advanced Reconfigurable Manufacturing System (RMS) Applications (Code 1vc16): download CfP, proposed by Lyes Benyoucef (FR), Ali Siadat (FR), Xavier Delorme (FR), Manoj K Tiwari (IN)

Advanced games theory and multi-criteria applications in manufacturing and logistics (Code w1639): download CfP, proposed by Lyes Benyoucef (FR), Jean-Claude Hennet (FR)

Sustainability, Automation, and Advances in Manufacturing of 21st Century (Code 7gm8k): download CfP, proposed by Nand Jha (USA)

Risk Assessment in Integrated Maintenance Problem under Industrial Constraints (Code haaq7): download CfP, proposed by Sadok Turki (FR), Zied Hajej (FR), Nidhal Rezg (FR)

IoT and Smart Supply Chain Management (Code 6799b): download CfP, proposed by Guoqing Zhang (CAN)

Revenue sharing contracts in supply chains (Code 95nu2 ): download CfP, proposed by Tal Avinadav (ISR), Tatyana Chernonog (ISR)

Inventory Routing (Code kjr5v): download CfP, proposed by Luca Bertazzi (IT), Demetrio Lagana (IT)

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing and Transportation (Code 7112r): download CfP, proposed by Sicheng Zhang (CN)

Formal Modelling and Analysis of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (Code k4yiu): download CfP, proposed by Jüri Vain (EST), Laid Kahloul (DZA)

Optimization, Artificial intelligence, and simulation based approaches to make decisions under uncertainties in complex system (Code 93i81): download CfP, proposed by Sondes Chaabane (FR), Damien Trentesaux (FR), Jairo R. Montoya-Torres (COL)

Mathematical Modeling for Inventory Control in Production Systems and Logistics (Code c66ve): download CfP, proposed by Shivraj Singh (IN)

Artificial Intelligence for Decision Support Systems and Applications of Operations Research in Supply Chain (Code 54qpe): download CfP, proposed by Sachin Modgil (IN), Vandana Sonwaney (IN)

Machine learning approaches for design and management of manufacturing and logistics systems (Code r6t2d): download CfP, proposed by Francesco Lolli (IT), Elia Balugani (IT), Bianca Rimini (IT), Alberto Regattieri (IT), Miguel Sellitto (IT)

The Future of Metal Processing (Code m44ik): download CfP, proposed by Dirk Abel (DE), Sebastian Stemmler (DE)

Complexity Measures and Models in Product and Process Design (Code bgxvs): download CfP, proposed by Vladimir Modrak (SVK), Zuzana Soltysova (SVK)

Production Planning in Direct Digital Manufacturing (Code 4preb): download CfP, proposed by Yossi Bukchin (ISR), Fatma Tevhide Altekin (TR)

Management 4.0 in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Code 92mp9): download CfP, proposed by Michael Henke (DE)

Last Mile Delivery in Dense Urban Areas (Code 1211j): download CfP, proposed by Hakim Akeb (FR), Btissam Moncef (FR)

Applications of the 4th industrial revolution in rail manufacturing (Code 8u2ks): download CfP, proposed by Khumbulani Mpofu (ZA)

Design of Spare Parts Distribution Networks (Code eqc19): download CfP, proposed by Güvenç Şahin (TR), Fatma Tevhide Altekin (TR)

Emerging Topics in Humanitarian Supply Chains (Code s13bw): download CfP, proposed by Gina M. Galindo (COL)

Warehouse design and management (Code 344p8): download CfP, proposed by Yeming Gong (FR)

Assessing the dilemma of product/process data interface in the Industry 4.0 framework (Code fse5i): download CfP, proposed by Paolo Chiabert (IT), Franco Lombardi (IT), Giovanni Belingardi (IT)

Industry 4.0 Collaboration and Sharing Economy Platforms (Code 6d611): download CfP, proposed by Grigory Pishchulov (UK), Pedro Sampaio (UK), Joao Quariguasi Frota Net (UK)

New tends in distributed supervision in Industry 4.0 context (Code 2235y): download CfP, proposed by M’hammed Sahnoun (FR), Allen He (UK), Belgacem Bettayeb (FR), Mohammed Dahane (FR)

Emerging Technologies in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (Code tq494): download CfP, proposed by Xiao Liu (CN), Xiang Song (UK), Meimei Zheng (CN), Peng Jiang (CN), Aakil Caunhye (UK)

Assembly/Disassembly/Machining Line Design and Balancing under Uncertainty (Code c64ym): download CfP, proposed by Oncu Hazir (FR), Alexandre Dolgui (FR)

Workforce Assignment (Code f5f8c): download CfP, proposed by Sergey Kovalev (FR), Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Simon Thevenin (FR)

Cloud manufacturing: Service operations management by Blockchain Technology (Code 1q43k): download CfP, proposed by Omid Fatahi Valilai (IRN), Kourosh Eshghi (IRN)

Research on product personalized configuration for production and service (Code d52fj): download CfP, proposed by Rui Miao (CN), Qi Li (CN), Xiaohao Xiang (CN), Qi Wu (CN), Bin Xiong (CN), Xi Chen (CN), Liang Ge (CN), Yizhou Wu (CN)

Mass customization, configuration techniques, modularity (Code er4yi): download CfP, proposed by Michel Aldanondo (FR), Lothar Hotz (DE), Elise Vareilles (FR), Yue Yue Wang (HK)

Factory Analytics: Data Driven Models for Planning, Scheduling and Performance Prediction (Code f945h): download CfP, proposed by Erinc Albey (TR), Zehra Melis Teksan (TR)

Digital Transformation in Industries (Code 4q429): download CfP, proposed by Eliane Simões (BR), Iwona Otola (PL), Marcelo T Okano (BR)

Production and Supply Chain Planning in the Semiconductor Industry (Code 985wh): download CfP, proposed by Gerald Reiner (AT), Emel Arikan (AT), Hans Ehm (DE), Boualem Rabta (AT)

Inventory control, replenishment and lot-sizing under demand, yield or lead time uncertainties (Code y8gf2): download CfP, proposed by Oussama Ben Ammar (FR), Belgacem Bettayeb (FR), Alexandre Dolgui (FR)

Operations Research and Supply chain Management in Healthcare (Code 223a9): download CfP, proposed by Mahdi Bashiri (IRN), Babak Abbasi (AU), Erfaneh Nikzad (IRN)

Inventory Management and Applications (Code ae628): download CfP, proposed by Evren Sahin (FR), Zied Jemai (TUN)

Lot Streaming (Code st7n9): download CfP, proposed by Subhash Sarin (USA)

Data-driven Collaboration in Industrial Supply Chains (Code 3uj97): download CfP, proposed by Alexandre Dolgui (FR), Alex Kosgodagan (FR), Miray Közen (DE), Fabien Lehuede (FR), Guillaume Massonnet (FR), Stefan Minner (DE)

Integrated Spare Parts Systems (Code rtf81): download CfP, proposed by Jose‘ A. Ceroni (CL),  Gabriel Gutiérrez (CL), Orlando Durán (CL), Pablo A. Miranda (CL)

Industrial Engineering in the Silver Economy (Code ksyma): download CfP, proposed by David Bogataj (IT), Alenka Temeljotov Salaj (NOR), Bojan Grum (SLO), Vlado Dimovski (SLO)

AI applications in Manufacturing and Service Resilient Systems (Code 3y2w2): download CfP, proposed by Rosa Abbou (FR), Gregory Zacharewicz (FR), Bernard Archimede (FR)

Product service systems (servitization) in New ICTs Era (Code r8daa): download CfP, proposed by Zhibin Jiang (CN), Pingyu Jiang (CN), Ke Xing (AU), Fabiana Pirola (IT), Kangzhou Wang (CN)

Robotics and Control Problems in Cyber-Physical Systems (Code 1fyxa): download CfP, proposed by Allahyar Montazeri (UK), Hamidreza Nemati (UK)

PLM: future research challenge in a digital world (Code 8ucfn): download CfP, proposed by Nicolas Figay (FR)

Digitally-Enabled Sustainable Manufacturing for Advancing Circular Economy (Code j6e38): download CfP, proposed by Pinar Bilge (DE), Ibrahim Jawahir (USA)