E-Learning-Center Team

The competencies of the HWR Berlin in the field of digital teaching, learning and testing (e-learning) are bundled in the “e-learning center” (ELZ) and perform both media didactic and media technology tasks. The e-learning center is a team from the Department of Computer Science and belongs to the department of the 1st Vice President for Studies and Teaching.


Katja Drasdo

team lead

Management of the e-learning center, control of work processes, conception and implementation of further developments, introduction of new processes and technologies, conception and control of innovative media technology infrastructure, media technology and didactic advice, project management, quality management.

Katja Drasdo (M.A.) has been dealing with e-learning topics at the university since 2003. She studied media and education at the University of Rostock and before that business administration. In addition to media didactic issues, she is particularly interested in organizational and infrastructural aspects of e-learning.

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house 1, room 1.2092 (Lichtenberg)

house B, room 0.58 (Schöneberg, nach Vereinbarung)

Susanne Mey

new forms of teaching and learning, media didactics

Media didactic training concepts, training programs for teachers and students to strengthen digitization skills, media didactic and specialist advice, project acquisition, trainers in onboarding for teachers, conception and anchoring of open educational resources.

Susanne Mey (M.A.) has been working in the university’s e-learning department since 2008. She studied media and education at the University of Rostock and is particularly interested in the area of open educational resources. In addition to her work in the ELZ, she actively supported the projects “BlendIT” at FB 1 and “ÖV Blended” at FB 3.

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house B, room B 0.58 (Schöneberg)

Anne Freiberg

teaching and learning support systems

Application administration of all web-based teaching and learning support systems (with the exception of video), coordination of e-learning support for all teaching and learning support systems (except video), requirements management of interfaces to third-party systems, support for the departments and individual teachers in the implementation of blended Learning concepts, coordination of public relations.

Anne Freiberg has been working in the field of e-learning at the HWR since 2012. In addition to her work in the ELZ, she actively supported the projects “BlendIT” at FB 1 and “ÖV Blended” at FB 3.

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house 1, room 1.2091 (Lichtenberg)

Tim Gehrmann

audiovisual media

Administration of audiovisual services and technologies (e.g. media platform), conception and implementation of further developments, planning, coordination and support of audio/video transmission and recording systems, streaming, coordination and implementation of audio and video productions.

Tim Gehrmann (M.Sc.) has been system administrator for audiovisual media at the e-learning center since May 2020. He studied “Digital Media” at the TH Brandenburg and before that “Printing & Media Technology” at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin. In addition to media didactics, he is interested in the conception and implementation of interactive, audiovisual (learning) media.

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house B, room 0.59 (Schöneberg)

house 1, room 1.2093 (Lichtenberg, nach Vereinbarung)

Doreen Ehrlich

digital exams

Coordination and development of the subject area of digital testing: legally compliant implementation, organizational and technical framework conditions, support processes and quality management, data protection and data security analysis

Doreen Ehrlich (B.A.) has been responsible for “Digital Testing” at the E-Learning Center since April 2019. She studied “Administrative Informatics” at the HWR Berlin. Her specialty is securing electronic exams in Moodle using the Safe Exam Browser.

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house 1, room 1.2090 (Lichtenberg)

Benjamin Endt

e-learning support

E-learning support, ticket management, statistics, inventory, support in the field of media technology (1st level).

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house 1, room 1.2090 (Lichtenberg)

Agata Warpas




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+49 (0)30 30877-2521

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house 1, room 1.2089 (Lichtenberg)

Matthias Hoffmann

team servicemanagement (IT-S)

Conception and implementation of further developments in media technology, primarily in the area of teaching and examinations, support for digital mobile and stationary on-site examinations (administration and maintenance of the necessary software and hardware, including assembly and disassembly of the entire examination hardware, monitoring of the technology), Technical coordination and support of hybrid and online events.

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house 1, room 1.2093 (Lichtenberg)

Paula Krug von Nidda

project PadLL

Paula Krug von Nidda (MA) has been responsible for the cooperation project “Platform for Applied Digital Teaching and Learning (PadLL)” at the E-Learning Center since November 2022. She studied “Modern Foreign Languages, Cultures and Economics” at the JLU Gießen and previously worked in (digital) teaching at the German School Asunción (Paraguay).

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house B, room 0.58 (Schöneberg)