Moodle is the central learning management system at the HWR Berlin and offers numerous web-based functions for digital teaching and learning. In digital course rooms, teachers can provide students with didactically prepared learning opportunities and thus enable learning independent of time and place.



for students:

  • access courses and download study materials
  • interactive activities and tools such as self-assessments, lessons and wikis
  • exchange with teachers and students
  • organize study groups with other students
  • take online exams
  • call up the university’s digital advisory and information services, e.g. the library
  • use self-learning courses, e.g. “MS Office”


for professors and lecturers:

  • edit courses and provide teaching materials and activities
  • embed images, videos, etc. in courses
  • design courses and tie access to course content to prerequisites and activity completion
  • inform students via collective notification or entry in the announcements forum
  • communicate with students in forums and make agreements
  • create and administer self-assessments and online exams for students with the activity test and assignment
  • give students feedback on their work
  • integrate the Bigbluebutton conference system directly as an activity in the Moodle course
  • transfer content from past courses to current courses using the import function
  • use self-learning courses, e.g. “Barrierearme Lehre”

Our team supports you in using the learning platform Moodle. If you need support, have questions or suggestions, please contact us. Find instructions for Moodle here.

Moodle – Beiträge und Tutorials

Moodle Quick&Easy – Deposit disadvantage compensation for exams

Moodle Quick&Easy: Sending forum messages to separate groups

You would like to know how to send forum entries or announcements only to specific groups within a course? With the help of the group function in Moodle you have the possibility to do so. In this post we will look at how to activate the group function in the respective announcement forums and how to create a group-specific post.

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Moodle Quick & Easy: Changing the course format in your course

Moodle Quick & Easy: switching roles – seeing the course with different eyes

In Moodle there are different roles with different rights. The most common roles are instructor and student. Moodle allows teachers to view course content from the perspective of other roles. Of particular interest here is the student view. In this Moodle Quick & Easy we would like to show you how to change the view in the course to that of a student.

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