Moodle Quick & Easy: changing the course visibility in the course settings

19 Sep, 2022

In Moodle, you have the ability to customize the visibility of your Moodle course to students. This feature allows you, for example, to edit a course without students being able to access it during the process. In this Moodle Quick & Easy we would like to show you where you can set this.
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Change course visibility:

In order to adjust the course visibility, you first have to press on the “Gearwheel” in the upper right corner within the course. Then click on the menu item “Edit settings” in the “Course administration” tab.

In the section “General” you will then find the option “Course visibility”. There you then have the choice between “Hide” and “Show”.

If the course visibility is set to “Hide”, students enrolled in the course will no longer be able to access the course and will also no longer see it in their course overview. However, instructors still have access to this course, of course.



If the course is hidden, this is also visible in the course via a hint box. Clicking on “Course settings” here will also take you to the course settings, where you can then adjust the visibility.

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