Moodle Quick & Easy: hide courses in the course overview

21 Oct, 2022

In Moodle you have the option to hide courses in your course overview if they are no longer relevant to you. In this Moodle Quick & Easy we will show you how to hide courses and how to show them again.
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Hide courses:

The course overview is located on the dashboard. To hide courses in the course overview, you need to press the slider that is displayed to the right of the courses. The hidden course will no longer be displayed on the dashboard.

Show courses:

To show hidden courses again, you have to press “Manage hidden courses” below the course overview. There you will see all your courses. Hidden courses can be recognized by the slider on the right side.

The course is visible

The course is hidden

As soon as you have shown the desired course again, you can return to your course overview via “Stop managing hidden courses”. The selected courses are now visible on the dashboard again.

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