Create explainer videos for your presentation with RawShorts

RawShorts enables you to transform a blog article or a short text into an explainer video. The video is narrated by computer and comprises of icons, images, background music and short videos in the background. It would especially fit for marketing and product introduction presentations.

RawShorts describe their own software as: an artificial intelligence video editor and text to video maker that helps businesses make explainer videos, animations and promo videos for the web and social media.




Business: $59/ Mo

Essential: $39/ Mo

Nevertheless, the free version has many features already and should be sufficient for students to use.



Nice storytelling videos.

Easy to use, very simple.

Many features are already offered in the free version.

No need to download so it works for both Windows and Mac.



Currently only available in English.

Icons are a bit limited.


More links:

Software website:




How to use RawShorts in free version:

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