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While reading the article about an experimental entrepreneurship class at the BSEL my interest in the program was inflamed. I also recall Prof. Zaby (a successful entrepreneur) strongly recommending it. However, I am currently finishing another bachelor, which makes me a bit skeptical towards applying.

Though I envy all those, who are actually doing it at the moment, I feel pretty happy with the free information available on this topic.

Here I would like to share some sources I scan through, when feeling the thirst for knowledge about entrepreneurship.

I have heard/seen only some of the podcasts/videos so far, thus am not yet able to present a favorite top 10 list. However, if you are looking for a more discrete selection, the favorite entrepreneur stories of Jon Bischke is certainly a good starting point.


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One thought on “Online Entrepreneurship Sources

  1. excellent link list and good starting point for more. this is a good sign, too – online information is less expensive and can be of high quality, helping startups to properly get under way.

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