Become part of Ideas worth Spreading at the Berlin School of Economics and Law

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The Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as Berlin as a whole is home to fascinating research, extraordinary ideas, and remarkable people. In summer 2015 TEDxBSEL showcased this local brilliance in the first ever TEDx event at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

With the fine selection of forward-thinking and inspiring speakers, TEDxBSEL themed around the topic of Rethinking Realities unveiled established norms and challenged existing paradigms and accepted truths. Already a few months passed since TEDxBSEL 2015, but we have good news for all of you that want to rewatch their favorite talk or missed this year’s event, since all ideas of the TEDxBSEL speaker are released on the official TEDxYoutube Channel. The TEDxBSEL talk of Helene Hahn on how to overcome the cultural gap with open data was even featured as a Spotlight TEDx talk on the TEDx Innovation blog which is definitely worth a read.


On behalf of all 1st generation organizers, we want to thank everybody who made the event possible and hope you will join next year’s event as well. If you have further questions or want to get part of TEDxBSEL 2016 visit the TEDxBSEL Website & Facebook page to stay put or send an email to Tamara

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  • 6903052506_e55cd70bb1_z: https://www.flickr.com/photos/32264591@N07/6903052506/in/photolist-bvZX1E-Wdztzf-V3zKq8-drimU2-V3zJ9R-223FQgC-9MPpu1-WdztsG-bxbxnd-drzuy2-dziy6w-9q1pjb-dzhBSJ-dzd1v4-UMnvzV-Wh4aS6-TUbxSw-W5xjqR-UZJg25-Wh4b4Z-g92Y63-V3zKKg-22PfRk6-9MNxUw-foPbb3-g8TACN-g8YyrU-X9BLYF-9MKQqH-WWyptA-V3zKAt-g8UgpA-g92co6-V3zKwR-g8Z15D-22Pgj34-V3zKf8-UMnqSi-Wdzsbo-g92jVE-V3zJpv-V3zKgv-UZJg8C-g8SYfQ-UZJfZS-V3zJmK-g924i7-g8YgFt-dqPZpY-UZJg3s

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