What do you use your smartphone for?

Artikelserie Teil 1 – von Julia

Die Artikel rund um das Thema Digitalisierung und Smartphonenutzung entstanden im Rahmen der Unterrichtsaufgabe einer zehnten Klasse. Die Schüller sollten im Englischunterricht lernen eigene Blogbeiträge zu schreiben. Durch die Veröffentlichung einiger ausgewählter Beiträge in unserem Blog wird die Aufgabe noch authentischer.

What do you use your smartphone for?

A life without smartphones? IMPOSSIBLE! In our daily lives everyone has a smartphone and does different things with it. I think we, the teens, use our mobile every day and sometimes too much, but it’s an important thing in our life.

We can´t imagine living without the smartphone. The usage is an important thing for young people. We use our mobile for communicating with other people or friends. We text each other to tell some news or only to do the typical small talk. A long time ago, our grandparents did not have any mobile phones so they had to write letters and it was a long time till the letter arrived at the person whom it was for. Because of smartphones, we can communicate very fast; e.g. using Snapchat and WhatsApp. My friend, for example, does his exchange year in the USA and I can communicate with her on Skype and we cannot only write there, we can also make a video call, so that we can see each other.

Another point is that we use our mobiles for school. When we have some English lessons and our exercise is writing a blog post, then we can use our mobiles as a dictionary. On our smartphone there are also other features we use. Another example is the math lesson, if someone forgot, his or her calculator at home, we can use our mobiles. For the physics lessons we also use our mobiles for stopping the time in experiments.

In our daily life we also use the smartphones for looking on the internet. When we want to know some news from all over the world, we only have to look on the internet. A long time ago our grandparents only had a newspaper and there were only the news of the days before.

But a big problem is that we all use our smartphones and are only concentrated on our displays. I think all in all mobiles are very useful in our lives. We use them for different things, like WhatsApp, Snapchat and school. Smartphones make it possible to communicate and they support us in our daily lives. In our life it’s impossible to live without a mobile, but we have to take care that we don´t get addicted. For what do you use your mobile? Let me know in a comment below! J

Julia, 10th grade




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