Smartphones – our daily lifesaver? (CC0 Lizenz)

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Smartphones – our daily lifesaver?

Imagine you are on a little walk and suddenly you see an accident happen. There is no one around and now everything depends on you. But then the rescue comes up to your mind: Your mobile! What would we do without it in a situation like this? The fact is that it’s nearly impossible for most of us to get through the day without our mobiles. Those little things have so many helpful aspects so why shouldn’t we use their potential to be our daily lifesaver?

Let me guess: While you`re reading this, your phone is not more than 5m away from you. Am I right? But that`s okay. I mean, maybe your best friend will text you in a few minutes because she needs your advice with the new dress she bought. With your mobile you`re able to help her within seconds. If your favourite actor posts something on Instagram or your friends send you funny pictures via snapchat your smartphones gives you the possibility to stay “up to date”. To cut a long story short: If you want you can be connected with the ‘whole’ world.

Let me share my opinion with you guys. For me, mobile phones are truly all-rounders: My favourite songs, important dates and appointments, all telephone numbers, apps and a brilliant camera in one device. Welcome to the digital age! My mobile is the perfect way to stay in touch with my family. Dinner with mum and dad? One message via What`s App is enough. Or it’s also helpful for my homework. If I don’t know the meaning of a word, I just look it up on the internet. But I have to be honest, sometimes mobile phones and social media with all their tempting possibilities distract me from other things, e.g. school projects, reading or just going outside. Tell me, is it easy for you to turn all your technical devices off if there are hundreds of youtube videos waiting for you to be watched or funny games which want you to reach the next level? There are so many distractions and it is definitely not easy to ignore them.

Today`s generation is called the digital natives. We were born with all the social media and technical stuff but that doesn`t mean that we think everything about it has positive aspects. Sadly enough, today many young people are only rated by looking at their social media profiles. Or think about cyber mobbing! Too many victims are alone with their sorrows because they aren`t brave enough to talk about it in the “real” world. That brings me to another point. We also have to open our eyes for the `real` world and the advantages. I mean, isn’t it better to meet your friends in real life than seeing them on a screen via Skype or looking at their social media profiles? In my opinion it is.

To sum it up, I would say that our smartphones do help and `rescue` us in many aspects of our daily lives. But today we have to be careful that we don`t forget about the real life because we spent so much time with our smartphones and social media that it’s difficult to turn them off. But don’t be afraid to do it! After you read this take the chance and ask your best friend to spend a day with you in the park and -very important- without mobiles. Deal?

At the end I think everybody has to find the right balance between digital and real life. If we consider that we can use the positive aspects and the potential of our smartphones and technical devices in general, we can definitely look forward to a great future with mobiles, maybe as our lifesaver.

Now it`s your turn: what do you think about this topic? Feel free to comment on this post! I`m looking forward to your opinions!

Isabella, 10th grade







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