More Signal, Less Noise

Google worries about delays of more than 400ms, not least because the more we click, the more they know, and the more they know, the faster they will lead us into their trap.  Google’s business model is to push our buttons so will will click their buttons: to figure out “what we want” in consumer terms, to entice us to click through to their advertisers, because when we do so they make money. Good for them.  I love using Google, it’s truly fantastic and I use it every day, but that doesn’t mean I have to let them sweet talk me...

Evernote and 3rd Generation eLearning

Students finding immediate, useful rewards in their use of web technologies are far more likely to explore them further than those suffering bad experiences. Students appreciate technologies they can use every day to help them solve their pressing tasks, put their world into better order, and enjoy a sense of progress and achievement. One solution: Evernote Evernote is the most popular tool I’ve offered my students for web work, because it helps them collect, order, write, and otherwise manage the daunting complexity of their academic work and keep track of what they have found and might think about it, plus...

Responsive, Mobile-Ready WordPress

We want to make it easy for ourselves to connect to each other, and as so many of us are now using tablets and mobile phones, connecting more often in the day, now is probably a good time to choose better, “responsive” WordPress themes. More and more mobile Reports indicating a tremendous expansion of tablet and mobile use are everywhere. Tablet use in the US DOUBLED over Christmas. CISCO predicts an increase to 10 billion mobile users by 2016.  Ask just about anyone in the HWR elevators and you will learn that all sorts of web work is being done on the...

Creating Relevant, Timely Web Learning Activities

I’m trying to figure out how best to create relevant, timely web learning activities for the students in my various classes, and just hours after publishing a detailed assignment designed to help my students create a web- and group-based workflow on our Business Information Systems blog last night I got a call from my wife saying she was stranded in Sweden because of the volcano eruption in Iceland disrupting air travel and didn’t know how and when she was going to make her way back to Berlin.  (mehr …)

Youtube, Kids, Creativity

I’m completely grateful to TED for having put Sir Ken Robinson’s talk online line, because it provides me with the perfect intellectual framework to wrap up this completely wonderful video, the PS 22 Chorus sings “Landslide”, which should need no excuse for sharing. It is not that I am afraid of visiting YouTube for fun and confessing to it. Here’s my confession: I collect my favorite videos (stuff like “Ha, Ha, Ha”, “Wing Suit Flying”, “What Is Art?”, “Perdizione”, etc.) on, But maybe … (mehr …)

How We Twitter

I feel completely shameless posting here a link to my new blog post, How We Twitter, but it’s about how my students at the FHW have learned how to use Twitter to their advantage, how I finally figured out a way to evaluate the use of Twitter in a classroom, and what I think some of the advantages of Twittering in the classroom might be; therefore, plugging it myself is probably perfectly appropriate and legal.  I hope you will find it interesting and maybe even useful!  All the best,  Bruce

An e-learning website for our dreams — Georgetown

Thanks for the invitation to post, Marcus, and for suggesting what I might writing about first!  I’ll write here about websites worth considering,  beginning with the CNDLS site at Georgetown, an operation led by a professor of American Studies, Randy Bass. To understand this project, consider:  First, the stunning graphics and aggressive marketing reflects both this Jesuit university’s strong commitment to education and the highly competitive U.S. educational context. Second, how such universities are intensely social places and where pluralism is the ruling ideology; hence, the project gallery suggesting the blooming of 1,000 flowers. Third, and this is what I...