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[ susannemey | 29 Mai 2009 | No Comment ]

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe “Forum eLearning”, einer Initative der AG eLEARNiNG der Universität Potsdam und des Projekt eCampus der FH Potsdam, hörte ich gestern einen Vortrag von dem Hamburger Rechtsanwalt Dr. Till Kreutzer zum Thema “Urheberrecht und E-Learning”. Weiterlesen…

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[ Bruce Spear | 26 Mai 2009 | No Comment ]

I’m completely grateful to TED for having put Sir Ken Robinson’s talk online line, because it provides me with the perfect intellectual framework to wrap up this completely wonderful video, the PS 22 Chorus sings “Landslide”, which should need no excuse for sharing.

It is not that I am afraid of visiting YouTube for fun and confessing to it. Here’s my confession: I collect my favorite videos (stuff like “Ha, Ha, Ha”, “Wing Suit Flying”, “What Is Art?”, “Perdizione”, etc.) on http://berlinphotog.tumblr.com/,

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[ ivan | 23 Mai 2009 | No Comment ]

The World Wide Web hardly bears any boundaries; instead it offers almost unlimited possibilities. The options to present and transfer texts, pictures, videos, audio files and forms are visual means to simplify everyday handling of this medium. This support is meant to be accessible for all users and should make life easier when dealing with information technology. But what if a not so small minority is excluded from this privilege because theses innovations carry unbearable boundaries for them?

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[ ivan | 7 Mai 2009 | 9 Comments ]

Do you know the feeling when your head is buzzing with ideas? It is hard to concentrate on one, for there is constantly another one jumping into your mind and you feel unable to keep the pace of thoughts. That kind of feeling I got at the Immersive Education Initiative London Summit 2009.

The Information was overwhelming and the presentations so interesting that the associations triggered, constantly navigated my attention into developing my own ideas.

In addition to the information synthesising the Summit – some presentation notes, the abstract of the program and Bernar Horan’s blog article about “Using Project Wonderland in your Organisation”, here I will describe my reflections about the future of education.

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